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Responses to Math Manipulatives
I wanted to write and let you know that the “Up the Hill” manipulatives I bought from you are a real hit in my classroom.  The children I teach all have learning disabilities of various kinds, so manipulatives were a tool that I needed in order to be able to teach them math.  Learning multiplication tables by rote definitely did not work as a teaching strategy for my students.  However, when I took out the multiplication game, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on all those beautifully colored wooden pieces.

I am thrilled to have found something that makes my students excited about learning multiplication!  They can’t wait to get to my room now so they can play this great game.  I allowed one struggling student to play the game with me for twenty minutes three times a week for four weeks, making the multiplication book as she progressed. She was able to learn almost all of her multiplication facts in this time, but more important, she experienced success and was confident that she could now learn division.

Thank you so much for the difference you made for me and my students.

Jean Harvey, Special Ed teacher

Response to Multiplication String Boards
I received my pkg yesterday, and I had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with my items.  My daughter and I made the string board yesterday, and it has sparked an internal motivation to learn her multiplication facts.  She is now carrying around a times table in her pocket.  : ) We both loved seeing the patterns appear on the string board.  What a beautiful way to experience math!  Thank you so much!!

I am still reading through The Sentence Family, but I can already see we're going to love this, too.  We have already read Grammar-Land, and my daughter much preferred it to a couple of other rather dry grammar texts we tried.  I think this will be right up her creative, story-loving, theater-drawn self.  

If this is a taste of what your school is like, then kudos to you and your staff.  What an amazing job you all are doing!  We home school, but if we lived near your school, I'd be tempted to explore that as a viable option for my daughter's education.  

Please keep me posted on other creative, hands-on learning tools you and your staff add to your online store.   I would certainly appreciate it!

Thank you so much for putting imagination and life back into learning.  What a gift you all are giving your students (and mine!).

Kimberly S.,  Tennessee