St. Michael's
Orthodox School
Santa Rosa, CA
Comments Which Parents and Former Students Have Made

We have asked the parents of our students to give us some feedback concerning their experience and their child's experience of St. Michael's. We were both grateful and humbled by the comments. Here is a sampling.

" Because of the fantastic education our children received at St. Michael's, our daughter and son were more than prepared to enter Cardinal Newman and Ursuline High Schools... both have been recommended to accelerated classes and have received excellent grades on their report cards."

"We feel fortunate to have found St. Michael's School. Public school - with long hours, large class size, increasing emphasis on earlier academic achievement, crowded and brief lunch and outdoor play times -was not working for our child or our family.

"At St. Michael's our child is not pressured into learning what he is not ready to learn, nor overburdened with hours of homework. Singing, art, crafts, handwork, and woodworking are valued, and help make our son's day fun and he feels proud of his accomplishments.

"The teacher-child relationship is closer, and attention is paid to helping children learn social skills. As parents, we have always felt able to talk about our concerns, and we appreciate all the positive attention our child has received at St. Michael's."

" It has been a real blessing to have an Orthodox Christian school here in Santa Rosa. It is a school that has a nurturing, caring environment; one that places emphasis on the child as a human being, a whole person. This is clearly evident in the character and behavior of the children."

"The outdoor play areas include beautiful trees and gardens, and a wide variety of activities are available on the grounds. Children of all ages are often seen working and playing together in a 'family' atmosphere."

"If you want a school that is peaceful, holds to old fashioned values and majors in retaining the love of learning, then St. Michael's is the school for you."

"St. Michael's School is the next best thing to home schooling ...each child is given love, support and an excellent education."

Some of our former students also wanted to share their experiences:

“I learned so much more than reading, writing, math, science, history, and so on.  I was taught love of labor, appreciation for that which is beautiful, and most importantly, a respect for others.” 

“I was blessed to attend St. Michael’s School where I was presented with a form of education found in very few places.  This type of learning is not all about memorizing abstract ideas and facts but rather about engaging the senses to come to a fuller understanding of the material.  This made my learning experience at St. Michael’s both exciting and profitable.”

“I can’t imagine my life without St. Michael’s. More than knowledge and a well-rounded education, the teachers gave me the support I needed to grow in self-confidence.  They impart an enthusiasm for learning, the inspiration to see and appreciate beauty, and the striving to love God with our whole heart.”